by Cherise Kelley
Children's Lit

Book 1: Raffle's Name

Clem is a dog with a secret: he is an alien from Planet Kax! He discovers he has the ability to manipulate thoughts. He goes a little nuts with this, telling squirrels to throw pine cones at the pesky little dogs next door and telling ants to eat the little dogs' food. But at the end he discovers what he is supposed to be doing with this talent.

"This was a really good book. It made me think differently about my dog."~Amazon reviewer

"After a few pages I fell in love with this book. I couldn't put it down. The point of view is spot on for the book. Who knew an author can actually get the point of view of a dog right?"~Amazon reviewer

"Such an amazing and vividly detailed story. This puts an entirely new perspective on dogs. I would recommend this to anyone who loves dogs (especially large breeds)."~Amazon reviewer

Book 2: Oreo

Clem's humans adopt a dog to be his brother, but Oreo is a rascal who would rather chew up the humans' shoes. 

"My 9 year old son loved this book and can't wait for book 3, and he is a picky reader. He gives it two thumbs up."~Amazon reviewer

"Full of things that will make you laugh and touch your heart."~Amazon reviewer

"As a parent, it is hard to find good clean books that my son will actually read and enjoy. The Dog Aliens series delivers this consistently through out. My wife, son and I all read the books together and we all enjoyed them. Being a Dog owner, we know joke about our dog reading scent signals and relaying messages. We even discussed briefly if he knows he is from Kax or not."~Amazon reviewer

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Kaxian Duty

At three months old, Clem faces his first day of Kaxian duty with anxiety. What will his assignment be? His tail has a mind of its own, which doesn't help matters any. 

"Very cleverly written. My grandson didn't understand everything, but was amused and engaged while we read it. He's five."~Amazon reviewer

"This story made me want to get to know the dogs in my neighborhood."~Amazon reviewer 

"This is about as cute and lovable as SciFi can get!"~Amazon reviewer

Book 3 coming November 15th

CIR: What gave you the idea for the Dog Aliens series?
KELLEY: My real-life dogs inspired these books. I would often imagine I heard them telling me these stories!

CIR: What would you compare this book to? 
KELLEY: A reviewer says they're "like an alien version of Beverly Hills Chihuahua vs Air Bud!" I love that, and I agree. 

CIR: Are any of the characters like you or someone you know?
KELLEY: She Wolf Neya is my mom, who is a neonatal intensive care nurse in real life. She gets a big kick out of being portrayed as a she wolf babysitting her brother and sister pups.

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by Rachel John
LDS, New Adult Romance

A whole stadium of fans watched Sara Jensen turn down her boyfriend’s marriage proposal at a baseball game. Now Sara is more than ready to return to the safety of her tiny community college and her quirky, but caring roommates. It's a new semester and a fresh start. At least until she meets her new neighbor, Matt Constanello. He’s everything she’s ever wanted in a guy, except for his unfortunate family connections—his older brother is the ex-boyfriend she just dumped in front of thousands of people. Her first instinct is to put as much distance as possible between them. Can she stop running long enough to see what might be true love?

"As a single adult trying to navigate the dating scene, this made me laugh. It was so relative to real life."~Amazon reviewer

"I recommend this book for anyone who wants to be entertained and uplifted at the same time."~Amazon reviewer

"The dialogue between characters is very humorous and it captures LDS college life perfectly."~Amazon reviewer

CIR: What gave you the idea/inspiration for this book?
JOHN: I knew I wanted to write a novel about college students at Eastern Arizona College because it was such a magical place for me. It was my first experience living away from home and I learned a lot about myself. The specific story came to me while I was at work. I scribbled down as much as I could on the back of an envelope during my lunch break. 

CIR: How did it evolve from scribbles on an envelope into a book?
JOHN: This was my first novel, and I didn't belong to any writing groups. I wrote out of order as ideas came to me, and then I went back with an outline to make sure everything fit together. I made an imaginary calendar with dates of events for my main characters Sara and Matt.

CIR: What do you hope your readers will get out of this book?
JOHN: I hope they find it funny and romantic and really entertaining.

CIR: Tell us about this runaway bride. 
JOHN: Sara is somewhat of a social misfit. She is shy, but has a temper and sometimes makes rash decisions. I've found that some readers really get her and some don't at all - Which fits her character perfectly.

CIR: Are any of the characters based on actual people you know?
JOHN: Not really, except for Eric. He is one of Matt's roommates and is a mixture of several guys I knew. He was very fun to write.

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by Jessica Strong
Legal Thriller, Mystery

Luke is a white police officer involved in the arrest of a juvenile Native American. When he sees the DA railroading the young man to jump start his career, Luke calls his old college friend, Peter, an accomplished attorney, and a Native American. Together they work to help the boy fight local prejudice and his father's suspicious past. As the son of a suspect in an unsolved serial murder case, the accused youth has a tough legal battle ahead. The case takes an unexpected twist when a witness comes forward that no one knew existed.

"An absolutely wonderful story which is masterfully written with strong characters and a most believable plot."~Amazon reviewer

"One of the best examples I've seen of how to bring characters to life in a story of this kind."

CIR: What inspired this story?
STRONG: A painting and a song, the music was playing when I visited an art gallery in Texas.  The combination of the two was very powerful that brought a number of images to mind that I chose to write about.

CIR: What was your writing process like?
STRONG: For the most part, the writing of the book was very easy.  But I have found that when I get to a point where I will need to write a part of the book that is particularly (emotionally) painful for my characters, I find myself stalling.  Cleaning the house, washing the windows anything but actually putting pen to paper.

CIR: What would you compare the story to?
STRONG: If I were to compare this book to a movie, the closest one that I could come up with would be Thunderheart from the early 1990’s.

CIR: What is the main character like?
STRONG: The main character is a man who is struggling to overcome a painful past.  More than a lost love – it was the way she left.  Success in every other aspect of his life has not diminished the pain or the confusion.  That sense of not “overcoming” has left him driven and focused at the expense of everything else.

CIR: Is he like anyone you know?
STRONG: He is a combination of people I have known.  However, some would say that I am as determined as the main character at times.